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Why businesses of all sizes need their own websites

Business owners know that in order for their business to grow, they need a medium to tell their products and services out there. Common marketing mediums include word-of-mouth, organizing events, and using printed paraphernalia (like posters and flyers), These past few years, the use of internet’s social media and websites were added to the list. […]

Your website needs a 2019 update! Here’s why

Aside from your usual content, new product announcements or maybe some huge rebranding updates, your website needs regular checkups. Here are the technical things from your website that needs updates you must know about: Your codes Coding language gets outdated over time. Are you using the latest programming languages? Updating your codes helps the web […]

Tips for blog pages: increasing your business popularity online

But first, what is a blog? The term blog was first coined after “web log” in the 90s.  A web log has short, informal and diary-like entries and is arranged in a reverse chronological order so the most recent entry or “post” appears first. These days, blogs are used not only by individuals as a […]

Why a website’s loading speed is important

Think about the time when you visited a website that took so long to load you decided to leave. I bet that anyone who browses the internet experienced that at least once. That’s one of the many reasons why a fast page loading speed is important for websites. Let us tell you more about it: […]

Do animated websites really attract customers?

Why do some people and competitors keep on talking about animated websites? What are they? And are they really worth the investment? This blog focuses on the benefits of animations in websites. How they help visitors and how they bring in money to the business. What is a website animation? An animation effect in a […]